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Shield Group of Companies
Shield Group-Guyana

Welcome to the Shield Group of Companies!

Our Group was founded upon collective ideas, principals and people with one common goal – to identify gaps or pain points in the local commercial and industrial sectors and provide a better solution.  Sometimes it may be a brand-new idea; in other cases, the solution could be a slight change to an existing product or process that needs some perfecting.  Something that does not change is our commitment to a flawless service and safety record across all our companies, while providing new and exciting solutions to our clients.

Where did the name Shield Group of Companies come from?

Great question! 

It all started when we read the definition:

noun: shield; plural: shields

A person or thing providing protection from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.

We realised that this is a theme which applies throughout our Group, and it’s one that we would be proud to uphold – so we ran with it!

The Shield Group was founded by partners Shawn Sooley and Steve Pike, who already shared some business ventures. They recognized that there were gaps in the commercial and industrial sectors and that they could provide new and innovate ways to meet those needs.  They turned to likeminded and highly skilled industry experts and support staff to form a team dedicated to helping clients find a better way.  





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Shield Group-Guyana

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